ABOUT US ANTON NEW1.gif Anton Verstakov: international film producer, director. Anton has worked with projects for Discovery, National Geographic, Sky News, Sky Sports, Aljazeera International, Euronews and other major international TV Channels.

ABOUT US_ILYA_2.gif Ilya Ludevig: video editor. Ilya has worked as an editor for Russia“s major TV channels, commercials, TV series, music videos and feature films, including the most recent work by Cannes prizewinning director Taisia Igumentseva. His video-art pieces have been displayed in galleries across Europe.

ABOUT US_Alina.gif Alina Lobzina: award winning producer. Among other projects, Alina has worked on «Cinetrain: Russian Winter», an anthology of documentary shorts including Sundance, Locarno, Visions du Réel Film Festival winners.